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Use your PDF as an interactive sales tool in UAE today

Interactive sales tools... What is that?

An interactive sales tool allows you to engage with customers in UAE through PDF. This is done by cutting out the fluff from your long listings page to short & concise information. Using a PDF in this way is proven to engage customers and help build a positive brand image .

Advantages of using PDF to present your property

Easily present your listing through tablet or mobile

You can easily edit and update your PDF at any time.

WOW Factor

Majority of your competition has a website, most of them will be on property portals however how many will go the extra mile to professional present their property in UAE through a PDF? Not many... Be different and stand out from competitors.

Interactive, Engaging, Positive Brand Image

Links will be placed within the PDF to allow the user to engage back with the property they are currently viewing. The PDF will contain your company logo and relevant contact details.

Higher chances to be shared

Is your brand being seen by even more eyes? A professional designed PDF is more likely to be shared than a web link.

PDF will be your new sales accelerator in UAE

  • They engage your audience
  • Allow you to easily present your document e.g. mobile and tablet
  • Easily update PDF with new price or property images
  • Customers likely to have all their questions answered
  • Better to search and bookmark
  • More likely to be shared with friends via email or social media
  • Entices customers by giving them an overview of key selling features
  • More engaging and interactive than a webpage
  • The Increase of brand image
  • Generate higher quality enquiries in UAE
  • Links to jump back to your website
  • Easier to share through email or social media
  • No endless scrolling