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Cities with a University Produce Higher Buy-To-Let Yields

New statistics from TotallyMoney reveal that cities with a university offer some of the highest buy-to-let yields, making it an attractive investment for landlords. 580,000 properties scattered across England, Scotland and Wales, were surveyed by The Free Credit Report ranking the postal codes in order of the highest buy-to-let yields to the lowest. The research […]


1 in 3 Millennials Will Never Own a Home – Here’s Why

Statistics reveal on average a semi-detached house in the UK will cost approximately £225,674 – with reports showing one in three millennials (those born from 1977 to 1995) will never own a home. A new study from TotallyMoney suggests how different the current generation spending and saving habits are, with many overspending and chancing away […]


Revealed: 5 Hidden Costs For First-Time Buyers

A new case study conducted by TotallyMoney reveals the real cost of buying your first home. Fact: Upfront costs in London can reach up to £125,195 compared to a place like Bradford which would cost you £24,895 The harsh truth hits many first time buyers as purchasing a property is not only a stressful process […]

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