AK Homes, Wilmslow

After fifteen years of managing branches for the larger estate agents in South Manchester, I decided it was time to set up my ownboutique agency'. An estate agent that always puts the customer first, where I could personally handle the whole process for my clients and could continue to deliver the exceptional experience my clients deserve.

This company is my part in trying to improve my industry's reputation, one sale at a time!

My core ethos is very simple – “Do what you said was going to do!” Sounds easy right? Well, it should be, but have a think about your recent sales/customer experience. Did you receive what you were promised, as expected, on time? Unfortunately, the answer is usually no.

'Do what you said was going to do!' This is my core principle and I expect the same from every service/trade within my team. (Financial Advisor, Solicitor etc).

“Quality over quantity, every time!” I am not interested in chasing ‘Market Share’ like traditional estate agents with an aim to just putting up as many of my boards as possible. My goal is to put YOU first, always! And deliver an excellent experience to all my sellers & buyers.

To ensure this, I will only ever work with a select number of clients at any one time. Limiting the number of properties I handle at any one time allows me to provide my 100% focus, be pro-active and deliver the exceptional experience & result that YOU deserve!

I grew up in a family that has always been fully invested within the local community. My dad came here from India in the late 1960s. He was a structural engineer in Delhi and started working here in a local factory as a foreman. A few years on, he trained and became a ‘Sub-Postmaster’ which was his career for over 35 years (into retirement). Paying out the pensions & giros (many won’t know what they are now) to our local residents, he became close friends with many of his customers.

My mother held regular ‘get together s’ with the ladies once a month where they would enjoy tea and biscuits and generally have a good natter. It became a sort of ‘help the aged’ event, although back then it was arranged to just spend some time with many that were feeling a little lonely.

This community spirit has continued to the present day with my wife serving as a doctor within our beloved NHS. I too plan to encourage, serve and support as many local businesses and groups as possible. As the company grows, giving back to the community will always remain a core value I hold dear.

Address: Wilmslow, SK9 5AJ, GB