SouthSide Property Management, Edinburgh

The SouthSide story began in 2009. John noticed that landlords and tenants were being overcharged in many ways, from tenant fees to “hidden costs”. So being a landlord himself, he started to manage his own buy-to-let properties, whilst completing a graduate management programme. Eleven years on, SouthSide now employs a team of over 40 full and part-time staff who have all played a part in the company’s growth and success and bring a wealth of knowledge to our clients.

How Are We Different?

SouthSide is a team of hardworking, driven and fully committed individuals. We respond quickly and work with our landlords and tenants. We are proud to be one of the leading agents in Edinburgh.

What Are SouthSide’s Core Company Values?

We are fortunate enough to have achieved significant growth each year. The contributing factors to the company’s success are simple: hard work, the right people, transparency, continuous improvement and genuinely wanting to provide a fair and affordable solution for landlords and tenants.

SouthSide strives to be at the forefront to constantly improve our sector and standards for landlords and tenants. Quite simply…. we are in the property business; however, it is all about the people.

Address: Edinburgh, EH8 9DH, GB