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What is a Mortgage in Principle?

A mortgage in principle (MIP) refers to the process of a mortgage lender looking at your financial capacity and accessing whether or not you’re eligible to borrow. Unlike a genuine mortgage, a MIP is just a certification that says that in the event of you being able to find a property for the specified price, the lender would be able to borrow you the funds to purchase the property, subject to survey and lending criteria.

Having a MIP before you begin considering purchasing a property can have an advantageous effect as it shows sellers that you’re in a genuine position to buy their property, and thus will be probably preferred to a potential buyer who has not yet secured a mortgage in principle.

However, despite obtaining a MIP it’s important to note that the agreement only means that the mortgage has been offered in principle. As such, the lender is legally able to offer you a different amount when you come to formally apply for the mortgage itself. More often than not, the amount a lender can borrow you is dependent on your own circumstances and their lending criteria.

When you secure a mortgage in principle through your mortgage broker, you'll be able to stand out from the crowd as a serious buyer.

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