Atom Realty

Atom Realty provides property services for clients who understand the importance of innovation and change. Our business was founded by Eloisé De Stefanis in 2019. The founder accumulated more than 20 years experience in the Real Estate industry where she has held leadership positions at various top brands including Engel & Völkers, Jawitz and Seeff.

Atom Realty was created to provide a space for entrepreneurs in the industry to evolve and grow without the boundaries enforced by traditional real estate models. The word atom comes from the Ancient Greek adjective atomos, meaning "indivisible", since atoms were found to be divisible, physicists later invented the term "elementary particles" to describe the "uncuttable", though not indestructible, parts of an atom. (Wikipedia, 2019).

The concept of a business founded on the principle that embodies the smallest perceived part of nature, which is "uncuttable" in other words, resilient, agile and a metaphor for simplicity and humility, resonated very well with the vision of Atom Realty.

Our business is built on the principle that less is more. Efficiency is key, which comes with personal attention to detail. We would love to share your property journey of joy, wonder and magic, through property investment. Share the joy! Contact us!

Address: Sandton, 2194, ZA