BMN Properties Pages

59 Protea Drive, Gordons Bay, 7130

BMN Property Pages is an advertising platform for real estate agents, throughout S.A., who are approved service providers to the Business Masters Network(BMN) of the Wealth Masters Club, focussing on investment property, to create passive income and a legacy.

BMN Property Pages was established to provide the Wealth Masters members with property investment opportunities, in all parts of the country, by approved real estate practitioners, who are trained in the Wealth Masters way of property investment.

Our Mission

We strive to provide investment property opportunities that will enable our clients to reach their investment goals and create passive income through property.

The Agents

Each agent, that is a service provider to any of the BMN franchises, specialises in the area they represent and are well trained in investing in property the Wealth Masters way.

Service Quality

The service of the agent gets rated by the clients, to ensure that service levels are being maintained. The client will receive an email from BMN(Business Masters Network) to rate the service of the agent.

Why Our Agents?

Choose your next property investment with a team of agents that understand investing the Wealth Masters way – the correct type of property, in the correct structures.

Address: 59 Protea Drive, Gordons Bay, 7130