Chorus Letting

Cape Town, 7708

Introducing Chorus Letting

Chorus Letting was born out of a passion that property is one of the best ways to build long-term sustainable wealth. Chorus Letting co-founder David Beattie, while building his own portfolio of investment properties, discovered that the management of his properties was key to managing the risk associated with property investing. Out of his passion for property and this need for professional management of his properties Chorus Letting was formed.

David Beattie is also the author of The Letting Expert book.

Why Choose Chorus Letting?

Chorus Letting is a values based company with over 15 years’ experience in the property industry. Our strict adherence to living our values provides an assurance to clients that we provide consistency over time and across their portfolio, and that we operate with energy and passion. Our commitment to our vision and mission keeps us accountable to expecting high standards of ourselves.

We specialise in understanding our clients’ property business objectives. Our initial helicopter-approach allows us to draw up a comprehensive strategy to achieve these objectives. We then aim to achieve these by delivering, co-ordinating and reporting on the numerous, on-the-ground details that a property portfolio requires.

Our unique business model allows us to manage large volumes of residential properties across a wide geographic region, providing a consistent service in every region. At the same time we are able to co-ordinate central reporting giving a snapshot of our clients’ entire portfolio.

Our Team

Our expert trained team is passionate, energetic and committed to looking after your property portfolio with care. A senior team member will co-ordinate your portfolio and provide monthly reporting. Our clients have direct access to our senior management team at any time for answers relating to queries on their portfolio.

Social Responsibility

We are deeply aware that our business does not operate in a vacuum and in some small way we like to know that we are making a positive difference to communities less fortunate than our own. We are therefore proud that we are able to support various organisations in our community.

Address: Cape Town, 7708