Curago Real Estate

Bendor, 0699

Curago Real Estate is committed to exceeding client expectations by delivering the most professional, informative and dedicated service in the real estate industry. We are committed and shall always place utmost priority on honesty, integrity and professionalism, through which our main goal is to be recognized in the industry as a leading real estate brand.

Who we are

Established in October 2016, Curago Real Estate is a dynamic real estate company with over 25 years combined experience of the property and sales sector, we are committed to the values of a customer oriented service and professionalism. This, combined with extensive sector knowledge and vigorous marketing techniques, ensures our customers realize their needs exactly.

We specialize in the marketing of quality real estate in various sectors including residential, commercial and industrial. Our main focus is to develop quality long lasting relationships with our clients by providing a unique and quality driven service throughout.

The story behind Curago

"Curago" is Latin for "lead and take charge". Ironically this is how we define ourselves in the industry. We believe that our name defines us within the real estate industry as a very distinctive and eye-catching brand through which we aspire to lead and take charge through continued dedication, creativity, passion and knowledge of the industry.

The 4 Pillars of our Business


We believe that without integrity, no business will be able to survive. We have and will always have complete transparency when dealing with our clients which is one of the reasons why we believe we have been and always will be successful. Our open door policy and sincere hospitality allows our clients to place their complete trust in our knowledge and expertise.

Service Excellence

Curago Real Estate believes in superior service and our clients have the right to expect outstanding service. We are not remunerated for our time, but rather for the service we provide to our clients. We promise to always deliver a dedicated, superior service to our clients.

Professional Conduct

We are committed to always conduct our service in a professional manner to our clients. We believe in continuous education, which enables us to learn better ways to provide a service enabling us to enhance our knowledge and maintain our professional reputation within the industry.


We are committed to always provide a loyal and dedicated service to our clients which sometimes requires us to go the extra mile. We have and will always be 100% dedicated to our clients and their best interests.

Our Key Expertise


We believe in targeted marketing which we believe has been paramount to our success to date. Not only do we prepare and showcase your property on our own website and other web platforms, we also focus on targeted marketing through other forms of media and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. We also keep our sellers informed on any leads and status throughout the lifetime of the listing.


Pricing a property correctly is paramount. If a property is priced incorrectly, it may result in the property taking too long to sell or not selling at all. We provide accurate valuations for our clients with sophisticated market analysis tools we have at our disposal. We also provide professional valuations done by a professional valuator for all Exclusive Mandates at no extra cost to the seller.

Real Estate Photography

When you are selling your property, whether it be home or office, it is of utmost importance to showcase your property as best as possible. We are confident that we have the right tools, equipment and technology to make your property as attractive as possible.

Knowledge and Advice

With our combined knowledge of the Polokwane property industry, we are able to provide our clients with expert advice and guidance based on actual research whether they are buying or selling.

Lastly, we believe that our standards set us apart from our competition and enables us to provide superior service through ongoing dedication and cutting edge technology.


“Real Value in a changing World.”

Address: Bendor, 0699