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Property Management Overview

The increase in residential development and specifically, in sectional title and cluster developments

In recent years, has highlighted the importance of effective scheme management.

Effective financial and general management protects your property investment and encourages harmonious communal living. At David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) we have adopted a professional approach to property management and have created a culture of continually developing

and improving our services to the property market.

David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) is a company with professional experience of managing properties – Gauteng which is a sign of our ongoing support in improving the property management industry.

Our Management Approach

David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) combines an old fashioned personal touch together with current technology and a vast range of property knowledge and expertise to ensure professional

Property management solutions to sectional title and homeowner association schemes.

We have built strong relationships with a range of reputable service providers such as maintenance

Contractors, specialist companies and estate managers in order to provide a full range of management solutions.

Financial Management

At David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) we believe that proper financial planning combined with effective, accurate and timeous reporting allows our clients to make informed daily management decisions.

We provide each scheme with a monthly accrual-based financial report. Our report includes an income statement, monthly and annual comparisons, balance sheets, analysis together with arrear status reporting and a detailed bank account with invoices.

Our Property Managers

Our combined property management experience is in excess of 13 years, making David Jacobs

Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) a specialist company in this relatively young industry.

Our Property Managers are selected from a spectrum of the Estate services industry. They are required to complete a Course through the Estate Agency Affairs Board within their first year of employment. We believe that ongoing training enhances the company's and the individual Property

Manager’s professional approach.

Monthly Accounting Functions

• Meter readings and utility billings (If not arranged by developer)

• Levy statements to owners

• Separate electricity statements to tenants on request

• Payment of Body Corporate accounts

• Monthly levy collections

• Monthly arrears procedures

• Preparing Monthly Management Accounts for Trustees

Arrears Procedure

• Letter of demand on day 3

• Black listing with credit bureaus within 21 days

• Summons (Contact owner) over 60 days

• Default judgement over 90 days

• Interest & legal fees charged

• Legal fees paid to attorneys only upon full collection of outstanding debt

• Facilitation of the clearance certificate process upon transfer

Annual Procedures

• Budget preparation

• Prepare financial statements & facilitate audit process

• Annual general meetings

• Notices

• Attendance

• Minutes


• Preferred contractors list available to Trustees

• Provide three quotations for major maintenance or service projects

Trust Accounts

• Market Link Account

• Balanced Daily

• Audited Annually

• Fidelity Fund Certificate provides insurance with the Estate Agency Board over your money in our trust account


• Access to balances and statements of the last 90 business days

• Downloading of statement information

• Manipulating information to suit client needs

• Restricted access

• Transfer of funds (IAT's) between current and call accounts

• Transferring of funds (within entity in local currency)

• Single or Dual authorization

• Payments to third parties (TPP's)

• Payments to third parties (domestic)

• Single or Dual authorization

• Domestic finance and investment indication rates

• Electronic establishment of documentary credits or letters of credit (L.C's)

• E-mail

• Confidentiality on account requests


• Improved control over funds and cash flow (quicker account reconciliation's and management)

• Significant interest savings

• Complete confidentiality

• Comprehensive access to all facets of company's banking

• Ability to limit the access of our staff on your relevant finances and to monitor the specific functions relevant to them

Methods of payment

Debit order

Please complete the attached form below and return it to our offices at least 7 working days before

You would like to start your first debit order.

If you are paying your rental by debit order we will automatically deduct it on the 1st of each month.

Contact our Finance support officer, if you have any queries on 0871507887 or info@djrealestate.co.za.

Direct Deposits

A form is included on the base of the statement for direct deposits at First National Bank. Please detach this from your statement and attach it to you payment when depositing. No bank deposit slip

Is necessary with this method. There will be a levy charged on cash deposits.


Banking details are on the front of the statement. Please fax proof of payment to 086 618 7844 or

email proof of payment to info@djrealestate.co.za.

Sales Overview

An introduction to David Jacobs Real Estate property specialists.

Sales and Rentals

David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) is a full-line Estate Agency and is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board. As such, we comply with all Estate Agency Affairs Board requirements. All David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) agents are also required to be qualified and

Licenced with the EAAB.

The Agency is divided into two teams - Rental Specialists and Sales Specialists. The teams are further divided into specific areas, each of which is covered by a dedicated area specialist.

David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) has been appointed as the preferred supplier for rentals and re-rentals on all Colerwealth, Bsg Investments, The Shauheath Trust, Biebuyk Trust, Tewil beleggings, T.W.Properties and is uniquely qualified in this area of the business. As managing agents, David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) are extremely aware that each complex has a set of rules and regulations with regard to the conduct of real estate agents. It is our policy to observe any security requirements which the body corporate may have and to show the utmost consideration to all residents when representing our company. Particularly on show days, we

Undertake to ensure to the best of our ability that:

• The complex security is not compromised;

• The owners/residents are not inconvenienced regarding parking;

• Prospective buyers or tenants are made aware of the rules of the complex

One of our aims is to attract an excellent quality of buyer (and therefore, tenant, in certain instances in order to uphold the quality of the complex, thus ensuring that growth and increasing prices

Continue our motivation is to protect your most valued asset.


Buying or selling a home is a significant decision for most of us and can be a stressful event if not managed correctly. Your home is probably your single biggest financial asset and it is most important that this transaction is handled professionally to ensure that you receive the best possible return on

Your investment.

Choosing your Real estate Agency and your Agent

It is essential that the Agency you select to handle the sale or rental of your property is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board. The agent appointed to handle your property should also be registered with the Board. You are entitled to ask the agent to produce proof of both membership

Certificates. This is your guarantee that your deal will be handled in an efficient, ethical manner.

David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) cc trading as DJ Real Estate is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board, and every agent is in possession of their individual license to sell or

Rent which will be produced on request.

When selecting the Agent to represent the sale or rental of your home, trust is essential. You should feel confident that your Agent will be working in your best interests. You and your Agent will form a partnership and will work together as a team in this transaction. The Agent you choose must be the

one with whom you will be happy to build a relationship.

Sole Mandate or open mandate

It is always advisable to grant your Agent an Exclusive or Sole Mandate on your property. This guarantees that your property will receive preferential treatment from both the Agent and the Agency. Time and money will be dedicated to marketing your property and it is in the interests of all parties to ensure that a successful sale or rental of the property is completed within the mandate period. Naturally, "hot" customers will be exposed to your property first as the agent is secure in

the knowledge that no other agent has access to the property.

A Sole Mandate ensures that there is sufficient time to plan a professional marketing campaign for the property and that a constant flow of information and advice is passed to the seller during the

marketing period.

A Sole Mandate will also guarantee your privacy. It is your protection against strangers knocking on your door and also against the reams of other agents who will contact you once they become aware that your property is on the market. They can all be referred back to your Agent. Rest assured that it is in the interests of your Agent to expose your property to all possible potential Buyers or tenants. they will be happy to make an appointment to show your home to any Buyer or tenant and will negotiate an introduction fee with another agent should this be necessary. It is as well to remember that a Buyer or tenant has no mandate with any Agency. They will contact any Agent who is marketing a property which suits their needs. If there's a Buyer or tenant out there, your Agent will

Reach them.

A Sole Mandate is also the only manner in which you can control Agent's commission. It allows only one Agent the mandate to sell or rent your property and ensures that there can be no claims of introducing a buyer or tenant by another Agency. A Sole Mandate guarantees that you will never be faced with a commission dispute which could delay your Sale or rental and cost you money.

On Show or View by Appointment?

It is a fact that over 80% of homes are sold through a show day. The South African public have been conditioned to plan their viewing times on a Sunday. This is when they have time to look around and also when all parties are available. In general, buying or renting a home is a couple/family

decision and a Sunday offers them the opportunity to look together.

A View by Appointment allows the Agent and Owner much less control. Customers can request an appointment at short notice and again, this is usually after work hours so that the couple or family can come together. This is often inconvenient for the Owner and can require constant interruptions in their home life. The Tenant will also not feel comfortable looking around a home in the presence of the Owner and may not feel free to ask questions and explore the home properly.

At least half the visitors to every show day arrive via the "On Show" boards. Thus a show day property is advertised to double the amount of viewers who can be expected to respond to a

Newspaper advertisements.

Setting the Price for your Home

Traditionally, you can expect your home to sell or rent at the best possible price within the first three weeks of coming onto the market. This is the first impact your home has on the market and your

Best opportunity to generate excitement in your potential buyers or tenants.

An over-priced property is bound to take a protracted time to sell or let. You run the risk of scaring off potential buyers or tenants, lose your initial impact and waste both your own and your agent's time. Eventually, the property will become over-exposed and will ultimately devalue. Today's Buyers or tenants are extremely well educated with regard to market values. They will not be fooled by an

Over-inflated price.

Your Agent will be an expert in their areas and is best qualified to assist you in pricing your home correctly. Constant feedback from potential buyers or tenants will be analysed in order to establish

Any obstacles in the sale or letting of your property.

And remember, your first offer is usually your best offer!

Transfer Process

Once the Conveyance Attorneys receive the Sale Agreement or Offer to Purchase which has been

Signed and accepted by the buyer and the seller, the conveyance attorneys will:

• Contact the Seller and the Buyer to confirm receipt of the Sale Agreement.

• Call for cancellation figures on the existing bond from the financial institution concerned.

• Liaise with bond attorneys should this be necessary.

• Call for any deposits that are due by the Buyer.

• Call for levy figures from the Managing Agents of the complex where the property is situated.

• Draw up the legal documents which are required for the transfer of the property once the

Bond instruction and cancellation figures have been received. Should another firm of

Attorney’s be attending to the bond, the conveyance attorney’s will liaise with the bond


• Request the Seller and the Buyer to visit the Attorney's offices in order to sign the

Documents. Apply for transfer duty once costs have been paid by the Buyer.

• Forward the guarantee documents to the Bond Cancellation Attorneys.

• Lodge the documents for transfer once transfer duty has been paid by the Buyer.

• If the bond cancellation and registration are being handled by another Attorney, they will

Be advised to lodge their documents.

• Once all documents have been lodged, it will take approximately 10 to 15 working days for

The deeds office to finalise transfer.

• The final account will be reconciled by the Conveyance Attorney once the property has

Been registered.

• Proceeds and refunds will be paid to the Seller and the Buyer.

Shoe day Preparation

• Inspect the outside and entrance to your home. This is the view that will greet any potential buyer who visits your property.

Ensure that your walkway, pavement and stairways are neat. A touch of colour at the entrance is a welcoming sight.

• If you have a security gate, check that it opens easily - a spot of oil should correct any squeaks and shudders.

• If you have a brass number on your door, ensure it is polished and shining.

• Your intercom should be in good working order.

• Where necessary, attend to any damp patches that may have occurred on interior walls and ceilings.

• Re-paint interior walls where necessary - select a light, neutral shade as this will make the rooms look bigger and have

the widest appeal.

• If the exterior of your complex is looking shabby, check with your Body Corporate when they intend re-painting.

• Enquire whether this will be covered by the Body Corporate, or whether a special levy will be required. Your Agent will

need this information.

• If you own a garden unit, ensure that your grass has been mowed and that your beds are in order. Some colour

seedlings will enhance your garden.

• Check that any garden/patio furniture is clean and inviting. Remove any garden refuse and clear the outside bins.

• Should you have a built-in braai, check that it is clean and in a good condition. A touch of black paint may be all that is

required to neaten it up. Remove braai tools and any bags of charcoal/wood.

• Neaten up any interior and exterior pot plants.

• Check that all lights work. Clean light fittings and replace globes where necessary.

• Wipe down all light switches.

• Clean any dirty handprints off doors, walls and cupboards. Check your carpets. They may need a stream clean to create

a fresh impression.

• Wash out baths, basins and sinks. Pay special attention to glass doors around the shower.

• Just before show day, give floor tiles a wash down.

• Lock away any small or precious possessions. Your agent will be taking care of your home whilst it's on show. However,

your grandma's teapot is irreplaceable and a clumsy elbow is all it takes for you to lose it forever.

• Put out fresh towels, extra toilet paper and a guest soap in your bathroom.

• It's always a good idea to freshen up bed linen, table cloths, kitchen towels, etc.

• Do put out flowers - it creates a wonderful impression.

• Empty dustbins.

• Clear laundry baskets.

• Ensure that dogs are away from the home for the day.

• Air the home. It's a good idea to spray room freshener just before you leave.

Rental Overview

For your convenience, we have prepared this overview of our guidelines used in processing all rental applications. Please feel free to ask any questions should you need clarity on any point.

We are an equal opportunities housing provider: It is our policy to rent our properties in full compliance with anti-discrimination laws. We do not discriminate against any person because of their race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, marital or family status, physical disability or sexual orientation.

Rental property availability: Rental properties become available at 12 noon on the commencement date of the lease and must be vacated by 12 noon on the expiry date of the lease. Rental property availability can change as properties become available during the day or are removed from the rental market based on finding tenants, cancellations or maintenance issues.

Valid photo identification: You must be able to present current photo identification by way of your ID book so that we can verify your identity. When your rental application is submitted for approval, we will require a photocopy of your ID to be kept in your tenant file. By completing the application form you consent to us verifying all information provided on your rental application from credit sources, credit agencies, current and previous landlords and employers, and character references.

Occupancy guidelines: In compliance with the Conduct Rules of the majority of residential complexes there are restrictions on the total number of persons that may occupy a given rental property. Our guidelines allow two people per bedroom as long as that room is at least 10m2. Smaller bedrooms are suitable for one person. These guidelines are to prevent overcrowding and are in keeping with the limitations of the property and registered complex rules. Occupancy will be limited to the persons indicated on the original rental application and lease only, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any proposed additional tenants must complete a rental application and be processed and approved through this same tenant-screening process prior to occupying the rental property.

Application process: All rental applications are evaluated in the same manner, and each adult applicant must voluntarily provide his or her identity document and other details which will enable us to create a consumer credit report. Every applicant must complete a separate rental application form. Any false or incomplete information will result in the denial of your application. If this is only discovered after you are approved and have moved in, we reserve the right to terminate your tenancy with immediate effect. We will verify the information provide on each rental application through our own screening efforts. A credit report, along with references from your employer and current landlord for each and every applicant in a given rental property will determine whether our rental criteria has been met. Unless we need to verify information by regular mail, we are usually able to process a rental application within 24 hours.

Rental criteria: The total combined monthly gross income of all rental applications in a given rental property should be at least three times the monthly rental rate. Only income that can be verified will count. We expect rental application to prove at least one year of continuous employment. Full-time students are welcome if the total income of applicants combined is sufficient or they have a guarantor. You must provide proof of a source of income if you are unemployed. Remember: All tenants are joint and severally liable, which means that each one can be held responsible for the payment of all funds due regardless of liability of pay.

Credit history: You must be able to demonstrate fiscal responsibility. If you have any unpaid debts or a pattern of late payments or judgments against you, your application may be denied.

Rental history: Each rental applicant must be able to demonstrate a pattern of meeting their rental obligations, leaving prior rental properties in good condition and no record of complaints from neighbours. We will require satisfactory rental references from at least two previous landlords. If you have ever been evicted for violating a lease, your application may be denied.

Guarantors: If you do not meet one or more of the above criteria, you may be able to qualify to rent a property if you have a third party living in South Africa who will guarantee your lease. The guarantor must pass the same application and screening process except that we will deduct the guarantor's own housing costs before comparing his or her income to our criteria.

Investor Letting Assistance

David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) is a property and rental management company offering a sectional title management service to owners in sectional title developments and homeowners associations. The David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) division is a full range estate agency specialising in residential property Sales & Rentals.

For the investor who owns 10 units or more:

Our Rental department specialises in the on-going management of investor owned units. Our fee for this service is a once of 3.5% (incl. VAT) procurement letting fee of the value of the lease, and an alternative monthly management fee of 10% (incl. VAT) for the duration of the lease on all monies collected from the tenant. The investor will receive the following on a monthly basis:

• Financial report

• Cash flow statement

• Collection report

• New tenant update

• Maintenance update

For the investor who own less than 10 units:

We will gladly assist in finding you a suitable tenant to rent your unit. Our fee for this service is a once off 10% (incl. VAT) letting fee of the value of the lease with a finders fee of R700.00, and an alternative monthly management fee of 10% (incl. VAT) for the duration of the lease on all monies collected from the tenant per month.

Please supply us with the details of your unit/s so that we may assist you in achieving the best return for your investment. We will also require access to your unit/s in order to allow prospective tenants to view your property. On all letting we offer a professional and thorough tenant vetting programme, with the following information gathered on all prospective tenants:

• Rental history checks

• Employment and earnings verification

• ITC checks

• Character references

Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal. We at David Jacobs Real Estate (DJ Real Estate) do wish that we are the right choice for you as a personalised agent to put "your property

In good hands”.

Address: 1, Marble Crescent, Kloofendal, 1709