Habitat Properties

Established in 2017 as a subsidiary of Instratin Properties Pty (Ltd), Habitat Property Management (HPM) is a pioneering, black-owned, Property Letting and Management company anchored in the entire property management value chain. Our objective is to provide safe, humane, and affordable housing developments for all indigenous South Africans. The nature of our service revolves around: Property Management, Facilities Management, Marketing, and Leasing Services.

As stewards of the land, community building and empowerment have always been at the heart of our business. It is why we remain passionate champions for affordable housing, new urbanism, and the development of collaborative and master-planned liveable and sustainable communities. Ours is to maintain the integrity of the social housing system in South Africa.

[HPM is registered with all the necessary regulatory bodies applicable to residential letting in South Africa: EAAB, NAMA, FIC, and Council of Debt Collectors.]


Habitat’s vision is to proactively grow our existing property management portfolio through our quality management techniques; all the while optimising your real estate investments and delivering the solutions our stakeholders need.


Sowing social and economic inclusion and restoring dignity to the previously disadvantaged through the provision of safe, clean, and well-maintained spaces

Building and maintaining lasting client partnerships through value creation and delivering results

Empowering our marginalised communities through job provision and skills enhancement


As Property Managers we are mandated to successfully manage the day to day site operations of our properties. We achieve this through holding regular inspections of property for damage, contractor effectiveness, and swiftly act on the areas that need improvement in line with Asset Management and owner goals. Our understanding of the building systems warrant that:

We manage and plan property operations budgets monitor property income, control and review expenses, and compile required reports (weekly/monthly/quarterly/ leasing/variance, and capital)

Properties are adequately insured and maintained on an up to date property asset register

We coordinate property maintenance and improvement projects with contractors and tenants, expediting the completion of work, and preparing the maintenance team to respond swiftly in emergency and crisis situations

We perform regular site visits to monitor all ongoing maintenance/construction projects being undertaken

Vacancies are filled and buildings are achieving their agreed rentals on an ongoing basis in conjunction with the Leasing Department

We monitor the general state of our properties and ensure the adherence to health and safety regulations of the same environments

We manage tenants arrears, ensuring that fines related to infringements are implemented and billed where necessary

Monthly utility recoveries are recouped from service provide

There is an effective and lasting resolution of tenants issues, disputes, and/or contract breaches

Our building systems are maintained and that we contract for repairs and service in compliance with building codes and regulatory provisions


We comply with the following acts:

Rental Housing Act of 1999: regulates the relationship between landlords and tenants, and provides for dispute resolution by the Rental Housing Tribunal. It was brought to protect the rights of the landlord and the tenants alike.

FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act): The Act exists to prevent money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, financing of terrorism, and other related criminal activity that aims to misuse our financial systems. The Act requires certain accountable institutions such as Banks, Estate Agents, and Attorneys to validate and verify their client’s identity before a business transaction can take place.

Consumer Protection Act of 2008: The goal to accumulate wealth through investment is achievable provided a quality tenant was sourced and you understand the tenant’s rights. If you aren’t 100% informed and fully compliant with the rules and regulations that govern this industry, you won’t be protected from potentially unscrupulous claims from disgruntled tenants, contractors, and other bodies.

The Social Housing Act 16 of 2008: The Act aims to establish and promote a sustainable social housing environment, to define the functions of national, provincial, and local governments in respect of social housing. To provide for the establishment of the Social Housing Regulatory Authority in order to regulate all social housing institutions obtaining or having obtained public funds. To allow for the undertaking of approved projects by other delivery agents with the benefit of public money. To give statutory recognition to social housing institutions, and to provide for matters connected therewith.


With a team of vastly skilled and dynamic professionals, we are never short of in-depth knowledge of local and international social housing and student accommodation needs. We have designed vital components specifically designed with the aim of minimizing vacancies and ensuring excellent service delivery. These in turn result in a high retention rate and increased returns on investments.

Rental & Facilities Management - impeccable management remains at the core of our business. We recognized a need for high-quality property management coupled with the strategic value of asset management. Today we professionally manage over 5 properties, which comprises 3,2726 residential units primarily located in Gauteng, North West, and Mpumalanga, as well as several beds of student housing.

The worlds of property and asset management have merged, and both disciplines are needed to maximize value. We offer a combination of the two, shouldering the burden of ownership, and engaging in asset management strategies that will enhance value. With unparalleled resources on tap, our team is adept at recognizing marketing strategies, financing, positioning, tenant improvements, and capital expenditures that will add the greatest value.

From repairs, maintenance, and other daily operations to in-depth financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting, we have earned the long-term confidence of owners, partners, and stakeholders and we hope to carry on these relationships for years to come.

Address: Woodland Drive, ZA