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At Koalet Properties we strive to provide expert and personalized services to all our clients as our slogan and motto “Caring with a personal touch” suggests. We understand that we aren’t just selling the property but we are working with people, their lively hoods, their dreams, and ideals. We strive to handle every property transaction with the same care and integrity as if it were one of our own. Being a well-established brand name in the western and northern suburbs of Pretoria since 1992 our goal is to spread our success and business model across South Africa not just helping people buy and sell the property but also helping agents make a good living in the property market. We will always strive for personalized service and in our endeavours to grow our company we will always put the same values that Koalet Properties was founded on first.


With our innovative “List Hard-Sell Easy” strategy and our quality agents focusing on specific areas, we are able to provide expert advice to assist clients in all their property needs. By providing our agents with a tried, tested and trusted infrastructure that has been fine-tuned over the last 28 years we are able to assist anyone looking to enter the property market with ease. Assisting new and senior agents and helping them prosper in the South African property market. One of our main focus' is teamwork and quality service.



We bring landlords and tenants together and making your rental experience a dream is our vision. We have a hands-on rental team striving to protect the assets of the landlord by screening tenants and only working with quality clients. We respect the tenant's privacy making for a quality rental experience.

35 years of experience in the rental market.

Excellent rental infrastructure

Excellent Legal advice

Call Koalet Properties for all your rental needs 082 326 1932


Take advantage of our professional sales team with a big sales network and excellent marketing strategies.

Fast sales.

A network of over 30 sales agents.

Big database of existing buyers.

A big advertising network.

Active marketing strategies.

Excellent after-sales services.


We are qualified Bond Originators with more than 12 years’ experience in the field.

We are affiliated with the 4 major banks of South Africa: ABSA, Standard Bank, Nedbank, and FNB.

We offer free pre-approvals and financial advice.


Expert advice

We apply at the four major banks getting you the best loan possible

By applying at all the banks we fight for the best interest rates.

By having your estate agent and bond originator at one company you get faster and better service.

Address: Pretoria , ZA