Landsdowne Investment Properties


Who We Are

The Landsdowne Property Services comprises 2 major components, Landsdowne Investment Properties and Landsdowne Property Management. Both are effective, complementary and synergistic in form, philosophy and function. We call it the Landsdowne Law. And this is how it works for you.

The Landsdowne Law


Our simple commitment is to "bring out the best" in your potential or actual property development or in management. You bring to the party a sound property investment - it's OUR job to help you maximizethe performance of this asset. To optimize and build on strengths, to take what is there and provide you with the real returns of time-saving, cost-consciousness and long-term investment growth.


At Landsdowne we know there is no "typical property" - there are only investments that come with unique challenges and opportunities. That's why our approach is individual and innovative. We take nothing for granted, question conventional wisdom to provide customized solutions, as well as answers to questions you perhaps haven't even thought of.


The Landsdowne way is to start with the outcome you're looking for and work back. A well-managed, smooth-running development that works, that is in great financial health and that provides a return on investment are just some of your objectives that drive us.

How different?

Unlike many companies, we have a contemporary, unique approach that works 6 ways, specifically for investors like you, it's called the Landsdowne Law. Unlike others, we don't repeat the same thing over and over again, expecting different results - that is insanity! We are always innovating, trying different things, seeing how they work for you - from what you bring to the party, it's our job to maximise the asset performance via an innovative and individual approach, taking nothing for granted. We start with the outcome you're looking for and work back. With many satisfied Landsdowne clients you can see that our good work shines through 100%!

It is this kind of smart thinking that generates sound investment returns, saves money and protects assets, controls costs and saves you hassle and time AND most importantly, secures the long-term investment value of your current or prospective properties.

Address: Johannesburg