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Welcome to Leapfrog Property Group, the fresh new approach to Real Estate. Established in 2007, our aim is to offer a fresh and innovative approach to buying, selling, renting and property investments, ensuring the best property deals for clients across South Africa.

Where it started

Leapfrog is the brainchild of former CEO and non-executive chairman of the PA Group, Jan le Roux (who is now affiliated with REBOSA) and former CEO of RE/MAX South Africa, Bruce Swain (Leapfrog's current CEO). Together, Jan and Bruce created a truly unique value proposition, never before seen in the South African real estate industry.

What’s so special about Leapfrog?

Well to start with, we are South Africa’s first empowered residential real estate group. Our company is 70% owned by New Deal trust and its trustees are former Scorpions head Bulelani Ngcuka as well as original Founder and current Chairman, Jan le Roux.

What do we believe in?

Armed with our combined credentials and backed by serious financial resources, we are set to shake up the predominantly family-owned real estate agency industry in South Africa. Easier said than done, you might say? Not really. We don’t believe in the misguided belief that you’re only as good as your last deal. What we do believe in is offering our agents radically improved earning potential over the current industry status quo, as well as financial security in the long term, which has been sorely lacking in the industry for far too long.

Where we want to go

Our aim is to be one of the top national agencies selling real estate in South Africa. To get there, we need a strong team and for this reason, we will focus on enticing the best agents in South Africa by offering them an opportunity to build their own wealth. And that’s not an empty promise. At Leapfrog, we have a commission incentive structure that is unparalleled in the real estate industry. Additionally, our agents have the opportunity to acquire shares in the company, through the new deal trust. Furthermore, because we feel that the industry is lagging dramatically on the transformation front, we are serious about recruiting the best agents South Africa has to offer irrespective of race or gender.

Address: Cnr Heinrich & Doreg Ave, ZA