Letting People


Letting People is a Residential Property Rental Agency, we do rentals, we are good at it… rental focused, client needs driven, brand of letting specialists.

The name and our logo design are carefully thought out, browse our website, get a feel for it:

The rich green background is dynamic, denotes movement and speaks to our environmental awareness.

The word “letting” is expansive and unlimited, while it essentially refers to rentals it can also be used in the context of:

Letting investors realize good returns on their investments

Letting tenants find quality homes

Letting us expand and grow

Letting People, landlords, investors, tenants, staff and business owners prosper.

Likewise the word “people” has been chosen carefully and in line with the old saying that “People do business with people, not businesses”.

Can you feel how “Letting People” is far more welcoming and expansive? This is our intention, coupled with 13 years of refining systems, processes, market expertise and people skills so as to offer you the highest level of residential rental management specialist service.

The keys in our logo are appropriate, opening doors, opening opportunities, Letting People in


Jacques Erasmus


Address: Roodepoort, ZA