Pormat Property Group

It was in 2015 when a young couple, Portia Hlako and Dandy Matamela were launching their first development, a block of flats with 53 units in the Pretoria North. With an urgency to fill up the flats with tenants, they approached multiple agencies to assist them with filling up the units. Months passed and the units were still empty. The duo, together with their team, took it upon themselves to market the property and look for tenants. In a little less than two months, the property was fully occupied, with 60% of the units filled up internally.

That formed the inception of Pormat Proprietary Limited, founded by Portia Hlako as an in-house property management company for Muma Investments, with the purpose of responding to the market gap. Since 2015, Pormat (PTY) LTD, has been going through teething stage and finding its feet in the market. It is out of these experiences that Pormat (PTY)Ltd, identified a unique gap in the market where project owners can be empowered to successfully market and manage their own projects.

As part of its growth trajectories, Pormat (PTY) LTD needed to be formalized and registered with the EAAB to start competing in the broader market. In order achieve this, the founding CEO, Mrs Portia Hlako sort partnership with a long-standing associate, Mrs Rina Kruger and Mrs Aneshca Kuhn as Principal, to form Pormat Property Group (PTY) Ltd.

Our unique value proposition has been informed by the quest to bridge the identified gap:

By partnering with the project owners (those who are most concerned about the project),

By organically transferring the skills needed to manage their projects through continuous training and development,

By empowering them with the necessary tools, knowledge and experiences required to participate meaningfully as Independent Property Practitioners in line with the Property Practitioner’s Bill.

Our Principal – Including FICA Officer: Aneshca Kuhn

After obtaining a B.Compt. Degree and completing her articles in 1996 she joined The Institute for Security Studies, Non-profit organization as an Accountant where she was responsible for all financial functions including reporting on all donor funds. She then joined auditing firm Maritz Board & Associates inc.

In 2001 She joined Cornerstone Brokers Corporate as Financial Manager. After the restructuring of the company and the subsequent sale to Assupol, she left the company and started her own Accounting Practice dealing with a multiple and diverse spectrum of clients.

As a service to some of her clients, she started managing various properties for landlords after which she obtained her NQF4 and NQF5 and obtained her Master Practitioner in Real Estate.

Our COO (Chief Operations Officer)– Rina Kruger – Full Status Agent

Rina Kruger is a full status agent who does not only has the relevant qualifications and experience but also has a long track record of property development (Residential & Commercial) growing a property portfolio without compromising service levels. Rina is an organized, reliable and career-minded. She is keen to be involved in a growing company where she can share her experience and contribute towards shaping its future and success. She possesses a real hands-on approach to delivering a high quality of management and has a proven ability to identify and secure new business. As an excellent communicator, she can easily establish and maintain positive relationships with tenants, occupants and landlords alike.

Rina has experience in the Rental Application Process, Vetting, Qualifying, Managing of Tenant and Owner Statements.