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An Inspiring and Fresh Approach to Real Estate Marketing

REDZetc is an innovative real estate brand that strives to bring a new and fresh approach to the real estate marketing environment.

Pam Snyman, the founder and managing director, has served the real estate industry since 1986 and has put in a remarkable effort to professionalise the industry on different levels. In 2013 Pam decided after 27 years in the corporate real estate world, that there were certain aspects of the industry that need serious reinventing. Being an entrepreneur presupposes a special, innate ability to sense and act on opportunity, combining out-of-the-box thinking with a unique brand of determination to create or bring about something new to the world. Pam was determined that this is exactly what the real estate profession in South Africa needed...urgently!


A place where entrepreneurial agents can function in accordance with their clients’ needs, in terms of a servient leadership culture based on sound principles and values;

Are agents understanding and acting in the interest of the client at all times, i.e. client- orientation vs self-orientation;

An estate agency that is run strictly in accordance with all legal compliance measures to ensure the interests of its clients; and

To encourage the creation of SMME’s by mentoring individuals to set up their own businesses and assisting them with the necessary back-up and coaching until they are fully qualified to be a principal of their own firm whilst sharing intellectual property and expertise with them.

If the intention is to change the industry by means of changing its soul into a more caring profession, you have to go national and since its inception in 2013, some 130 agents and a number of brand new entrepreneurial associate companies have joined hands all over with REDZetc. The holding company is growing steadily but surely, with all agents and new ventures joining of their own accord as they are not recruited by the company. They are all previously known by Pam or have been referred to REDZetc by people that believe in the brand and its culture of absolute compliance, integrity, transparency, expertise and passion.

Pam Notes: "We focus on excellent service by experienced and educated estate agents. Our model provides that all our agents throughout the country can offer your property collectively to all their potential buyers at once. Your local listing agent will do the rest."

In August 2018, Women’s Month, Pam was honoured by being named as an honouree by the ‘7% Tribe’ at a gala dinner in Steyn City, Johannesburg

represented by very select group of South African business leaders. According to the BWASA (Business Womens’ Association of SA) only 22% of board directors are women, and only 7% are executive directors.

The Institute of Estate Agents (IEASA), Western Cape also honoured Pam at their 2018 Annual General Meeting for her valued contribution to the property sector by bestowing her with the Geoffrey Seeff Award. She also received the same award way back in 1994!

Address: Hill & Dale, Vlottenburg Road, Lynedoch , Stellenbosch , 7600