Xoliswa Tini Properties

Reflection has become a sought-after luxury in the modern-day pace of life, yet it has the power to transcend the clutter of our day, the ringing, chatting, hooting, bustling clamor that clouds our ability to stop, think and dream a little.

Xoliswa Tini Properties aims to make reflection a vibrant reality in your every day, and how we aim to achieve this is to lead you to the space that evokes the dreamer in you, stimulates the fanciful freedom of your imagination, and soaks you in the peace you call home.

That may mean our help to lead you home, or to sell your house so that you can head there on your own. Either way your home is our dream and we want to get you there.

Founded in 2003 by its matriarch Mrs Xoliswa Tini, Xoliswa Tini Properties is a fast-growing dynamic estate agency with three branches in the Eastern Cape and an office in Johannesburg. Strongly influencing this rapid development and motivating the team, Xoliswa Tini has been the force behind the agency who with passion and enthusiasm has embraced her dream to make it big in the business world and become a national player in the property industry.

Growing from 2003 where she worked single handedly for the first year and netted a turnover of 25 million. Xoliswa Tini utilized the property boom to establish her agency in the local market and set up solid foundations for the future. Since the down turn of the real estate industry in 2008, Xoliswa Tini Properties closed other offices and operated in the Head Office in East London and King William's Town. During this process, most staff members left the company. Since re branding in 2008 we stuck to our vision of franchising our company. We are currently in the process of opening other offices and in 2018 we will be selling our franchise.

As part of the vision, Xoliswa Tini Properties has undergone a re branding process in 2008 in order to reestablish and re affirm the core values of the company:





Personal development

The new brand also forms the platform to launch Xoliswa Tini Properties nationally and the roll out of the Xoliswa Tini Properties franchise.

Address: East London, 5241, ZA